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Hi, I am Gianluca.

I am a social marketer, brand journalist, videographer and blogger. I grew up in Italy and moved to the US in 2008.  

I have written in multiple forms (journalism, copywriting, screenwriting), and produced videos of all kinds. I directed/produced/edited narrative short movies, short documentaries, and commercials. Before film and video I acted and directed in stage theater.

In North Carolina I have been working a social media manager and distribution consultant for independent documentaries. I am currently blogging for companies.

I love stories and storytelling. I like to dig out the personal, emotional side of the characters, being them a



a company owner, an ideal customer, or being them fictional characters. I love the act of connecting an individual or any entity to their audience.

I love mixing words, video, and pictures.

I am currently living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, after a few years in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

As a social marketer and brand journalist I can be hired per project, part-time or full time. As a video producer, I can be hired as the sole producer, but I also really enjoy to be in the team of other filmmakers' projects. I can provide camera work, editing services or production assistance. 

Equipment: Canon C100 and Canon 5D.

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Adobe After Effect.